SQL Server Repair Toolbox

Expert solution for restoring Microsoft SQL Server databases from corrupted *.mdf and *.ndf files

How to Repair an MDF database file of Microsoft SQL Server from the SUSPEND mode

If a Microsoft SQL Server database cannot be opened in SQL Management Studio and has a “suspend” status (marked in gray), its data integrity is seriously affected. How to recover a damaged database from the SUSPEND mode? How to recover data stored in an .mdf database file?

Below is a step-by-step instruction for repairing a damaged .mdf file:

  • Detach a database from MS SQL Server in SQL Management Studio
  • Create a new empty database that will be used for saving recovered data.
  • Launch SQL Server Repair Toolbox and select the .mdf file of the detached database on the first page of the dialog

Complete the remaining steps of the program and do either of the following:

  • Save the recovered data as a set of SQL scripts. After saving the data as SQL scripts on the hard drive, start the .bat file with the necessary parameters to import the data to a new database or
  • Export the data directly to a new database.
Requirements: SQL Server Repair Toolbox is not freeware. Unlike open source programs, the users of SQL Server restoration application are provided with full support so they may consult its software team development and get all answers in time. SQL Server Repair Toolbox do not distributed under MPL or other GNU License.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above