PDF Repair Toolbox

Damaged *.pdf file repair tool for Adobe Acrobat/Reader files.

PDF Repair Toolbox

PDF Repair Toolbox restores unreadable Adobe Acrobat PDF files with documents. The tool reads corrupted PDF files and saves all recovered information to a new file for Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat.

Main capabilities of the PDF files repair software include:

  • Program reads and restores all PDF files versions, even those with the most complex structures.
  • Best Adobe PDF repair tool
  • Damaged PDF file repair tool uses a set of recovery algorithms that guarantee maximum recovery effectiveness.
  • Tool finds and restores non-linked pages in the corrupted files.
  • Program scans pages for links to media objects not shown in the document due to corruption or deletion from the file.
  • Using special algorithms, the online PDF file repair software repairs known errors in PDF file editors.
  • Supports saving to compressed and uncompressed PDF files.
Note: Unlike open source programs and freeware tools, RepairToolbox.com issues its data recovery tools under its own proprietary license, not GNU General Public License (GPL) or similar one. Freeware version of PDF Repair Toolbox is distributed without additional restrictions, but you should donate to the RepairToolbox.com community and start repairing PDF files without additional limitations.
  • Our software do not recover password protected PDF files;
  • Our tool do not repair encrypted PDF files.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above


Step I

Selecting a source PDF file for further processing.

Step II

Select name of new PDF file for saving.

Step III

Select version of new PDF file.

Step IV

Viewing the final recovery report.

Video Manual


With PDF Repair Toolbox you can fix next errors:

  • There was an error opening this document. The root object is missing or invalid.
  • An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who has created the PDF document to correct the problem.
  • There was an error opening this document. There was problem reading this document.
  • There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.
  • There was an error processing a page. Invalid Function resource.
  • There was an error processing the page. A font contains a bad cmap-encoding.
  • There was an error processing a page. Too few operands.
  • An unrecognized token "" found.
  • File is corrupt or damaged
  • This file contains information not understood by the viewer.
  • File does not begin with %PDF.
  • PDF file is not readable with Acrobat Reader.
  • Format error: not a pdf or corrupted.
  • File Damaged and Cannot Be Repaired
  • Error Locating Object Handler When Downloading a .pdf File