RAR Repair Toolbox

RAR file repair tool to extract files from corrupted WinRar archives *.rar

WinRAR repair software

How to repair a corrupt RAR file? RAR Repair Toolbox helps to check incorrect *.rar archive and extract files from a bad archive to HDD. RAR Repair Toolbox helps to repair WinRAR archives of all the versions.

Features of RAR repair tool:

  • Restore all types of WinRAR archive.
  • Fix WinRAR self-extracting SFX archives.
  • Recover multi-volumes WinRAR archives.
  • Repair files with incorrect CRC values.
  • Selective saving of restored files.
  • Supports archives larger than 2 GB.
  • Compatible with Windows 98/NT 4.0/2000/Me/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Repair files with incorrect headers (error: “the file ??? header is corrupt”).
Note: RAR Repair Toolbox software is offered by the professional software team development of RepairToolbox.com and can be downloaded for free without some kind of additional provisions. Unlike freeware, open source programs and GNU General Public License (GPL) applications, RAR Repair Toolbox is covered by its own license agreement. Freeware version of RAR Repair Toolbox is available for anyone and there are no restrictions for the time of evaluation. Do not need donate for RAR Repair Toolbox.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above


Step I

Selecting a damaged RAR archive

Step II

Viewing information recovered from the damaged RAR archive

Step III

Selecting a folder where the recovered information will be saved

Step IV

Viewing the results of saving the recovered information

Video Manual


With RAR Repair Toolbox you can fix next errors:

  • CRC failed in file name. The file is corrupt.
  • Packed data CRC failed in volume name. The volume is corrupt.
  • Unknown method in filename.
  • Invalid or corrupt authenticity information.
  • CRC error: Unable to extract RAR files and appearing a message saying mismatch in size.
  • Error while inflating RAR file: Database and data store files were not successfully extracted from RAR file. Error inflating oversubscribed dynamic bit lengths tree.
  • Worm infection: Unable to share RAR files over a network and shows error.
  • Unable to extract downloaded files from internet, it exhibits error crc failed in filename.
  • Improper compression of the files in RAR archives: To compress large sized files on system converted them into RAR in order to save space. During this process obstruction hits and the compressing process is unfinished and causes inaccessibility.